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Sebastian Inlet Seagrass Monitoring

An MRC Lunch & Learn Seminar

August 1, 2023
12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The Marine Resources Council is pleased to partner with Don Deis, Environmental Scientist, to present August’s Lunch and Learn: Sebastian Inlet Seagrass Monitoring. See below for video from this event.

The Sebastian Inlet District began efforts to obtain permits for an inlet to the Intracoastal Waterway channel through the flood tidal shoals in the late 1990s. The permits were obtained in 2007 and included a seagrass mitigation and monitoring program. Permit-required monitoring was completed; however, the District has continued the program to supplement the monitoring information collected within the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) system. The inlet area including the flood tidal shoals are unique within the IRL because they are flushed tidally with Atlantic Ocean water daily. The monitoring data covers a period before the seagrass die-off in the IRL and the recovery of the seagrasses on the flood tidal shoals.

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Meet the Presenter

Don DeisDon Deis has worked for 45 years in the environmental science field as a consultant to industry and government. His areas of interest include environmental evaluation, assessment, and monitoring of marine, estuarine, and coastal projects; restoration of estuarine and marine ecosystems; impacts of oil and gas exploration, development, and transport; disaster response planning; natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) related to disasters; and environmental rules and regulation.

Mr. Deis has authored or coauthored many technical reports and published several papers in his areas of interest. He is now in the process of retiring and has been working with Brevard Zoo and others on seagrass and other restoration projects within the Indian River Lagoon system. He has also selected this year as a member of the Citizens Oversight Committee for the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Plan.

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