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IRL 2023 Progress Report 2023 Progress Report MRC's first Indian River Lagoon Coastal Community of East Central Florida Progress Report shares progress made and work yet to be done in restoring the Indian River Lagoon. Read More
April Lunch & Learn - Story for Scientists Seminar: Story for Scientists Learn about the science behind our draw to water—and see how to harness this neuro-conservation in our outreach efforts to motivate change—with Paola Espita, Impact Media Producer & Strategist at Ola'pi Creative, at our April Lunch & Learn Seminar. Read More
Volcanoes Erupting in Florida’s Estuaries! MRC is thrilled to partner with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to develop plastic-free shoreline restoration solutions. Read More
Endangered Whales Humans Are Threat to Endangered Whales WESH 2 News reports North Atlantic right whales have been listed as endangered for 80 years, and in 2020 their status was upgraded to critically endangered. Read More
Oyster Volcano: Plastic-free shoreline restoration Plastic-free Shoreline Restoration Most Indian River Lagoon oyster reefs have disappeared due to polluted water, over-harvesting, and other harmful human activities. Concrete "oyster volcanos" are a possible solution. Read More
Baffling Baffle Boxes Virtual Field Trip Virtual Field Trips Escape the classroom or your home by joining us on a Virtual Field Trip and find out what happens to all the rainwater when it falls, why mangroves make a difference, how each of us can help sea turtles survive, and more. Read More
MRC's Mangrove Nursery MRC’s Mangrove Nursery Marine Resources Council is proud to be the only licensed aquatic nursery in the State of Florida specializing in and dedicated to mangroves. Read More
The health of our lagoon and coastal ocean is jeopardized by the increasing heat content of the ocean and atmosphere. However, it’s not too late to take action. Climate Change & the IRL The health of our Lagoon and coastal ocean is jeopardized by the increasing heat content of the ocean and atmosphere. But it's not too late to take action. Read More