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Volcanoes Erupting in Florida’s Estuaries!

The Marine Resources Council is thrilled to partner with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to develop plastic-free shoreline restoration solutions.

In April, MRC volunteers created 175 oyster volcanoes made out of pH-balanced concrete and jute for FWC to install along estuaries along Florida’s east coast at North Peninsula State Park in Ormond by the Sea, Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area in Flagler Beach, and Washington Oaks Gardens State Park in Palm Coast, stabilizing a total of 1,500 feet of shoreline. These parks are not only critical estuarine habitats but are popular recreational attractions boosting the local economy.

The oyster reefs, spartina marsh, and mangrove fringe created by installing oyster volcanoes provide resilience, protect against sea-level rise, improve water quality, and demonstrate the importance of living shorelines. The structures provide a more sustainable solution to shoreline protection and erosion control than sea walls.

Look for more oyster volcanoes coming to a lagoon near you!


Please visit this link to learn more about oyster volcanos

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