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Shoreline Restoration

Earth Day 2020 Photo Gallery
View the Earth Day 2020 Shoreline Cleanup and Mangrove Planting Gallery on FloridaToday.

MRC specializes in restoration through living shorelines, a low-impact development method that utilizes natural materials and vegetation to enhance wildlife habitat and mitigate erosion impacts.

Protecting our shorelines is an essential key to combatting the Lagoon’s biggest problem, a nutrient imbalance also known as eutrophication. There are a variety of options that could be implemented on your shoreline, including planting mangroves and other native vegetation engineered for coastal habitats and installing a breakwater of rip rap or oyster reef.

MRC can assist by conducting a site visit to determine the feasibility of implementing a project on your property and discussing the best options specific to your shoreline. Restoration services include shoreline consulting, native plantings, and breakwater permitting.

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