The Lagoon House is open to the public by appointment only.
Call us at 321-725-7775 to request an appointment.

Join the Restoration Team

MRC depends on the community to help us in every aspect of managing our mangrove nursery. How can you help?

  • Make a propagule donation — when you visit the beach, take two trash bags with you: one for trash and one for propagule seeds. NEVER remove seeds from a mangrove tree; only rescue them from the beach where they will not be able to establish. Propagules can be dropped off at the Lagoon House in Palm Bay. The different propagule types are pictured below. Blacks and whites usually drop only in the fall, whereas reds can be found almost year-round.

Mangrove Propagules

  • Become an MRC Mangrove Farmer — help us expand our restoration capacity by caring for mangroves at home! Mangroves are easy to grow but they need constant access to water. As long as you have a kiddie pool or something similar that holds water, you are all set! Contact for care instructions.
  • Volunteer at the Lagoon House or Vero Beach Greenhouse — we have two locations where we care for plants that are constantly growing. Keeping mangroves free of weeds and in the proper-size pots is an important and constant task that we depend on the community to help us with. Please schedule a training or attend a mangrove workshop with
  • Join our newsletter — this is the best way to learn about our current events, including volunteer events like shoreline restoration projects that require hands-on planting support. This is also where we will communicate special requests as they arise, so keep an eye out for how you can help!

Join the Restoration Team