Mangrove Restoration

Earth Day 2020 Photo Gallery
View the Earth Day 2020 Shoreline Cleanup and Mangrove Planting Gallery on FloridaToday.

Marine Resources Council is a mangrove aquaculture facility, licensed and permitted by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. In our mangrove restoration program, we care for the three species native to Florida: red, black, and white. These mangroves will be planted along the Indian River Lagoon to provide nutrient uptake, wildlife habitat, storm protection, and erosion control.

If you know of a Brevard County natural shoreline that you think would be suitable for mangroves, please contact

If you’re interested in purchasing plants from our mangrove nursery, please visit our Mangrove Farm page.

MRC is always accepting propagules, so the next time you are on the beach, help our restoration efforts by collecting seeds and dropping them off to us at the Lagoon House! You can also help expand our capacity by participating in our Foster-a-Mangrove program. Please contact for more information.