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Regulatory Targets

State and Federal agencies have established regulatory targets IRL for each of the five health indicators used in the IRL Health Update including the following sources:

  1. Chapter 62-302: Surface Water Quality Standards (EPA, 2015)
  2. FDEP site-specific standards for the Mosquito Lagoon (EPA Approved)
  3. Using multiple lines of evidence for developing numeric nutrient criteria for Indian River and Banana River lagoons, Florida (Steward, Lasi, and Phips, 2010)
  4. Water quality target development in the Southern Indian River Lagoon (Cretan, Robbins, and Iricanin, 2007)

Agencies That Establish Regulatory Targets for Health Indicators

There are unique targets for each health indicator. Click on the indicator listed below to see the regulatory targets established by state of Federal agencies.