PhosphorusPhosphorus (P) is a key nutrient for lagoon health that can be harmful in excess. The table at the right shows phosphorus scores declined in most of the lagoon in 2010, at the same time the lagoon started to experience persistent algae blooms. Although the Clean Water Act requires phosphorus reductions, concentrations have significantly increased in many lagoon regions. Reducing phosphorus concentrations in the lagoon will improve lagoon health.

Phosphorus comes from many sources such as wastewater, wash water of all kinds (car washing, pressure washing, etc.), fertilizers, and sediments. It enters the lagoon through groundwater, stormwater, and canal discharges. Most cities and counties in the lagoon watershed passed fertilizer ordinances that do not allow phosphorus to be applied to the lawn without a soil test confirming it is needed. Check the website for more information.


Phosphorous Scores
No data (ND) in the table below demonstrates that water quality samples were not collected in this area of the lagoon.

The regulatory targets for phosphorus are linked here.

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