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IRL Report Card 2022 Update

2022 IRL Report Card

Indian River Lagoon Report Card Shows Water Quality Improving; However, Seagrass Is Not Recovering As It Has Historically

Water is clearer, and harmful algae is on the decline in the Indian River Lagoon, which stretches along more than one-third of the east-central coast of Florida, according to the annual Indian River Lagoon Report Card, published by Marine Resources Council (MRC).

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Infrastructure improvements and behavior changes that are reducing storm water runoff, untreated sewage discharges, faulty septic systems, and residential sources, such as pet waste, and fertilizer are helping.

“We’re making important progress,” said MRC Executive Director Leesa Souto, PhD. “While we continue that progress, we need to consider a new and concerning phenomenon.”

The report card also shows that seagrass, the essence of life in the lagoon, is continuing to die. Historically, seagrass has recovered as water quality improves. Florida currently bases water quality in the lagoon on the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and chlorophyll-a, as well as turbidity, water clarity.

“Many other pollutants, herbicides and pesticides need to be added to lagoon water quality testing to determine what’s causing the seagrass to die,” said Dr. Souto. “Our theory is that new or increased loads of contaminants may be causing this new seagrass phenomenon; however, more extensive testing is needed to determine the cause.”

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