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First-Ever IRL Health Update

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“Is the lagoon getting better or worse?” is the question that the IRL Health Update will answer.

Our lagoon community is working very hard to bring our lagoon back to a healthy, productive estuary to be enjoyed for generations to come. We know its going to take a long time to see results. This MRC IRL Health Update assembles the most accurate data of lagoon conditions to complete a comprehensive health analysis to see how conditions are changing over time.

After going through an extensive process to define health indicators, MRC and partners at Applied Ecology Inc. collected and analyzed data to scores ten regions of the lagoon based on each region’s unique healthy target. Health Indicator scores and a total water quality index score are provided for each region.

The ten regions of the lagoon as listed on the map are

Mosquito Lagoon (ML)
1 ML North
2 ML Central
3 ML South
Banana River Lagoon (BRL)
4 BRL North
5 BRL South
Central Indian River Lagoon (CIRL)
6 CIRL North
7 CIRL South
North Indian River Lagoon (NIRL) / South Indian River Lagoon (SIRL)
8 SIRL North
9 SIRL Central
10 SIRL South

Location Map for the Indian River Lagoon (IRL)

Steps to Completing the IRL Health Update

Step 1: Science Assembly

Step 2: Define Lagoon Health Indicators

Step 3: Collect and Analyze Data

Step 4: Share the Results!

Repeat Steps 2–4!

Nearly all of the funding for this report came from community members like you. It is important that this health analysis remain objective and independent of political positions. Help keep it that way by contributing to the next IRL Health analysis now!

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