The Lagoon House is open to the public by appointment only.
Call us at 321-725-7775 to request an appointment.

Volunteer With MRC

Volunteers have been our feet-on-the-ground activists, mangrove growers, and water quality monitors for the last 30 years. Whether they are out in the field or here at the Lagoon House, volunteers are an essential ingredient to our success, and they have a blast while doing it! Care to join us?

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Volunteer Roles

LagoonWatch MonitorLagoonWatch Monitor

Be a part of one of the longest running data sets of lagoon health! Join the MRC LagoonWatch program and conduct weekly water-quality tests to monitor the health of the Lagoon.

Mangrove TeamMangrove Team

Join the MRC Mangrove Team to help cultivate and care for MRC’s thousands of mangroves. This volunteer team typically meets the second Saturday of each month, either at the Lagoon House nursery or the MRC Greenway in Vero. Green thumb not required!

Lagoon House DocentLagoon House Docent

Perhaps you prefer the refreshing coolness of air conditioning instead of the Florida heat. Become a Lagoon House docent and greet visitors as they enter the Lagoon House, assist with answering phones, and other administrative tasks.

Lagoon Literacy PresenterLagoon Literacy Presenter

Educate audiences ranging from young to old on the issues facing the Lagoon and what they can do to help!

Special Events TeamSpecial Events Team

Assist with planning, set up, execution, and break down of the many events and functions that MRC hosts throughout the year.

Outreach TeamOutreach Team

Attend events in our community on behalf of MRC! There are so many tabling events and outreach events that it is hard for us to make them all, with your help we are able to be more present in our community.