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On April 23, 2019, the Indian River County Board of County Commissioners rejected a highly controversial easement for the misguided construction of the John’s Island wastewater effluent pipeline in the Lagoon.

But, the media has since reported that John’s Island has said: “they will be bringing this project back.”

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Stop the John’s Island Wastewater Effluent Pipeline

John’s Island Water Management, Inc: Please respect the fragile Indian River Lagoon. Don’t put your wastewater effluent pipeline in it.

We are concerned with the avoidable environmental risks to the Indian River Lagoon caused by John’s Island Water Management’s plans to construct a wastewater effluent pipeline there. Drilling this mile-long pipeline under the Lagoon creates unnecessary construction risk to the Lagoon and creates permanent risk to this estuary of national significance from wastewater effluent leakage.

These risks are completely avoidable by instead using the already-existing pipeline infrastructure which runs along the Wabasso Bridge and on the barrier island.

We call on you to do the right thing: use existing infrastructure that won’t add unnecessary risks to our already-fragile Lagoon.

3. Want to help more? Please forward this information on to your lagoon loving friends, family, work groups, government leaders, local business partners, and non-profit organizations. The more community involvement we have the louder our voice is for the well-being of the Indian River Lagoon. Together we can bring this estuary of national significance back to health!

Many organizations are working very hard to restore the health of this estuary. There could not be a worse time or project to create additional and unnecessary risks to our Lagoon’s health.

To view the current Indian River Lagoon Health Update Report visit

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Stop the John's Island Wastewater Effluent Pipeline

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John’s Island Water Management (a private utility company in operation solely for the John’s Island community and its golf courses) is pressing Indian River County for a highly controversial easement over Hole-in-the-Wall Island despite the easement having been flatly rejected by the island’s owner.

Unfortunately, the Indian River County attorney may continue to take this highly controversial easement to the Board of County Commissioners for approval at a future date. (The county taking an action like this for the use of a private entity is unprecedented.)

The proposal of the John’s Island wastewater effluent pipeline to be constructed under and across the Lagoon is an environmental risk to the estuary both in its construction and operation. This risk can be easily be avoided by connecting to infrastructure that is already in place.

Please Help Us Stop This Pipeline From Being Drilled Under & Across The Lagoon We Love & Cherish.!

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