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Indian River Lagoon Report Card on Tour! What is Killing Lagoon Seagrass?

Marine Resources Council released this year’s Indian River Lagoon Health Update Report Card during the legislative session and provided every Florida Senate and House member a printed copy, and invited them to sign our community Vision to improve the lagoon’s health. In March, MRC presented the report card findings and delivered over 5,000 report cards to partners throughout the IRL watershed. In the photo above, Dr. Leesa Souto, MRC Executive Director, presents to in-person and virtual attendees of the Rivers Coalition meeting in Martin County.

The IRL Report Card shows that water quality is improving in nearly every lagoon region, but seagrass health continues to decline. Many factors can contribute to this decline, which has prompted MRC to coordinate a Seagrass Assembly in 2022-23. The Assembly aims to gather the science and restoration experts to identify issues and brainstorm solutions. The outcomes may clarify needed tools, like a seagrass viability model, seagrass restoration challenges, and monitoring methods. The Seagrass Assembly will be MRC’s 20th Assembly, demonstrating a tried and true method for gathering stakeholder expertise and applying it to real-world problems. If you are a seagrass scientist or restoration professional, stay tuned!