Virtual Field Trips

Marine Resources Council and the City of Melbourne bring you three Virtual Field Trips!

Come with us on our Spring 2021 Virtual Field Trips! Attendees are immersed in our local natural areas while learning about science, history, and conservation. See below for video from each event.

For more information about our Virtual Field Trips, please contact the MRC’s Nicole Broquet at

Spring 2021 Virtual Field Trips

February 18, 2021: Among the Mangroves

Get ready to escape the classroom or your home by joining us on a virtual field trip to learn about one of Florida’s most amazing ecosystems, MANGROVES! This program will introduce you to the mangroves of Florida, how to ID each species, and why these trees are terrific. We’ll showcase our mangrove nursery, discuss restoration, and then plant a mangrove on the MRCs shoreline.

MRC Facilitators Nicole Broquet, Director of Education, and Caity Savioa, Director of Science and Restoration, are your guides during this 45-minute tour.

March 11, 2021: Discover the Florida Scrub

Join Megan Selva with the City of Melbourne Environmental Community Outreach (ECO) Division as she hikes through our local scrub ecosystem and interviews special guest Dustin Angell, Director of Education at Archbold Biological Station. Dustin will be at Archbold, a 9,000-acre pristine scrub ecosystem located in Venus, FL. They will be exploring two separate scrub habitats to compare and contrast our coastal scrub here on the Atlantic Ridge to the inland scrub located on the ancient dune islands that make up the Lake Wales Ridge.

April 15, 2021: An Explorer’s Guide to Stormwater

Do you ever wonder what happens to all the rainwater when it falls? Where does it all drain to when it hits our roofs and roads? How does so much trash end up in our Lagoon? Join the Marine Resources Council and the City of Melbourne’s ECO Division on our last virtual field trip of the season to find out the answers and learn how you can help prevent polluted water entering our Lagoon.

This virtual field trip session introduces participants to the impacts human behavior and the best management practices for stormwater. Our special guest is Jennifer Thompson, Environmental Specialist with Brevard County Natural Resources Management Department. Jennifer reports from the field on stormwater drainage systems, and Nicole Broquet tours MRC’s rain garden and offers alternative techniques to help clean and conserve water.

May 8, 2021: Indian River Lagoon Restoration Efforts

In this virtual field trip you’ll meet up with Nicole from the Marine Resources Council in Melbourne, Florida, for an overview of steps being taken to restore the Indian River Lagoon.

Nicole will first guide you through MRC’s mangrove nursery. You’ll see the three types of mangroves grown in the nursery and learn how to identify them. Nicole with also explain why it’s important to have mangroves on our shorelines. Later, Nicole will briefly discuss rain barrels and their importance in reducing stormwater runoff into the Lagoon. Finally, you’ll head down to the Lagoon shoreline and see more examples of mangroves, discuss the important of oyster prisms, and finally go over the importance of breakwaters for shoreline health.