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Landscapes and Yards

The Indian River Lagoon watershed
The Indian River Lagoon watershed

One of the biggest issues facing the Indian River Lagoon lies in your backyard. Fertilizing, applying pesticides, picking up pet waste, and blowing grass clippings into the street are a few of the notorious behaviors partially responsible for water quality issues and muck build-up in the Lagoon. During a rain event, stormwater runs along impervious surfaces, such as roadways, roofs, and driveways, collecting fertilizers, car oil, grass clippings and pet waste, before making its way into the IRL.

A common misconception is that the properties along the shoreline of the Lagoon are the ones to blame. Although your yard may not be on the banks of the Lagoon, your actions still matter. As you can see in the map at right, the watershed, or the area draining into the Lagoon, is much more than properties on the shoreline. The watershed actually covers 2,284 square miles and includes portions of seven counties, Volusia, Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, and portions of Okeechobee and Palm Beach.