IRL Health Update

Thanks to donations from community members, MRC, in conjunction with our scientific partners, has conducted the first comprehensive, lagoon-wide ecological health assessment of the Indian River Lagoon.

IRL Health Update
Browse the IRL Health Update online, or download a copy of the report. Click the cover to get started.

The report card answers the questions, “Is the Lagoon getting better?” and “What is being done to restore it?” Key water quality and habitat data, or indicators, have been analyzed and compared with established targets to compare healthy levels with historic levels over 20 years. These differences, or offsets, have been graphically interpreted in maps and tables.

With the help of these maps and tables for each indicator, we can compare areas of the lagoon with each other and over time.

The report:

  • Provides an annual update of Lagoon health by area
  • Uses sound science
  • Includes long–term data
  • Interprets maps, tables and graphs
  • Describes stories of success

Click here to view the report.

Please join us in our work with a donation to help produce the 2019 report.

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