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Nov. 9 Seminar: FrogWatch USA Citizen Science Program

An MRC Lunch & Learn Hybrid Seminar*

November 9, 2021
12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

*In-person attendance is subject to cancellation, but all registrants will receive the Zoom link.

Join MRC and Brevard Zoo Education Program Coordinator Alana Wood for our November Lunch & Learn Hybrid Seminar on FrogWatch USA, a citizen science program comprised of volunteers who monitoring frog & toad populations to assist scientific research about these invaluable animals and what can be done to help. See below for video from this event.

Brevard Zoo / FrogWatch USA
With over 2,000 species currently facing extinction, amphibians are in rapid decline on a global scale but are often overlooked. The importance of healthy frog and toad populations are not just indicators of having a balanced ecosystem but are beneficial in numerous aspects of human living.

Alana Wood, Brevard Zoo’s Education Program Coordinator

About Our Presenter

Alana Wood currently serves as Brevard Zoo’s Education Program Coordinator and has proudly been a part of the Brevard Zoo Education Department since 2012. Raised in Brevard County, she graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with her bachelor’s in marine biology and oversees several educational, conservation-centered programs, including Lagoon Quest and FrogWatch USA. Prior to Brevard Zoo, Alana worked several years in wildlife rehabilitation and continues that passion for protecting wildlife and the natural world. In her spare time, Alana can be found hiking, bird watching, toad searching, traveling, and always looking for the best places to eat.

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