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Classroom Programs

Real world exploration is at your fingertips with MRC’s Classroom Programs! We offer a variety of in-person and virtual presentations catered to fit your schedule. Please note that some of the accompanying activities may need to be adjusted to support a virtual program.

Contact to schedule your presentation today! You may even be eligible for a FREE program.

MRC’s Field Trips and Classroom Programs align with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and are designed to introduce students to our amazing Indian River Lagoon with hands-on activities! Please see the descriptions below.

Outstanding Oysters

Ages: 3–5 years old
How do filter feeders keep our waterways clean? Let’s explore!
• IV. Language and Literacy Domain A, B, and D
• VI. Scientific Inquiry Domain B & E


Ages: Pre-K–1st grade
Let’s talk about pollution and stormwater runoff with our friend Mermaid Meg.
• SC.K.N.1.2
• SC.K.N.1.5
• SC.1.N.1.1
• SC.2.N.1.1
• SC.2.N.1.3

Teachable Turtles

Ages: Pre-K to 2nd Grade
Follow alongside the journey of a turtle, from hatchling to life in the water.
• IV. Language and Literacy Domain A, B, & D
• VI. Scientific Inquiry Domain B & E

Let’s Get Trashy

Ages: 2nd to 5th Grade
Let’s explore how long it takes different pollutants to decompose.
• SC.4.L.17.4

Florida Feast

Ages: 3rd to 5th Grade
Let’s explore how energy flows through the Lagoon food chain.
• SC.4.L.17.3
• SC.3.L.17.2
• SC.5.L.17.1

Mighty Mangroves

Ages: 2nd to 6th Grade
Learn about key players in coastal habitats and the impact of pollution.
• SC.2.L.16.1
• SC.2.L.17.1
• SC.3.L.17.1
• SC.4.L.17.1
• SC.4.L.17.4
• SC.5.L.17.1

What’s in the Water?

Ages: 4th to 6th Grade
We’ll explore what factors affect water quality and how to test it.
• SC.5.N.1.2
• SC.5.N.1.3
• SC.6.N.1.2
• SC.6.N.1.3
• SC.6.N.1.5


Ages: 5th to 6th Grade
Working in teams, we’ll examine how individual actions impact the collective.
• SC.5.L.15.1
• SC.6.N.2.3