Help show your love for the Lagoon by making a one-time donation to Marine Resources Council. Your financial contributions supports our Lagoon-wide efforts to plant mangroves along our shores, conduct science projects such as our citizen-science based LagoonWatch program, and education and outreach efforts such as Green Business and Lagoon Lifesavers.

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Aside from financial contributions, we are always glad to accept items from our wish list! These range from printer ink all the way to TV’s. If you are upgrading any of your technology, rather than throwing it out, consider giving it a second life here at the Lagoon House. Feel free to drop item off to the Lagoon House or give us a call for pick up!

Currently on our wish list:

  • Printer cartridges (HP 950XL (K) & 951 (CMY) & Epson 252 XL (K) & 252 (CMY)
  • Recycled copier paper
  • ½ “ hose bibbs
  • 2 Large, flat screen TVs. One for office training, staff meetings, etc. Another for scrolling educational info, volunteer spotlight pictures, etc. in Lagoon House Education Center
  • Vacuum (or 2) for Lagoon House (preferably bagless)
  • Tablets for educational information about fish tank residents.
  • Supplies to develop nature trail (& increase safety): mulch/shells to line path, stair building materials, railings/fences, etc.
  • Aquarium supplies (any)
  • Educational supplies
    • Dissecting microscope
    • Binoculars
    • Hand magnifying lenses
    • 6 dip nets
  • Laptop computer
  • Laser printer
  • Snacks for volunteers
  • Beautiful and useful items for gift baskets — Coffee, glasses, gift cards, chocolate, plates, bath salts, baskets, etc.
  • Cordless Microphones