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MRC Celebrates 30 Years

June 11, 2020, marks the 30th anniversary of the Marine Resources Council gaining non-profit status. Since the first meeting of our founding members, MRC has worked tirelessly to connect our community with the science of the Indian River Lagoon.

Through the steadfast dedication of donors, members, volunteers, and staff, we have been able to accomplish so much:

  • We coordinated the first American Assembly for the Lagoon in 1985 to bring together scientists from around the county for the singular focus of identifying and solving the biggest challenges facing our Lagoon.
  • We orchestrated the first “Hands Across the Lagoon,” then called “Embrace the Lagoon” in 1989, to demonstrate our communities support for this community centerpiece.
  • We spearheaded the creation of the Indian River Lagoon National Estuaries Program in October of 1989 to provide added Federal protections to this ecologically diverse habitat.
  • We were recognized for our efforts by President Bush in 1991 as a recipient of the Presidential Medal for Environmental Initiatives.
Embrace the Lagoon
Embrace the Lagoon (1989)
Presidential Medal Award
Founding Executive Director Diane Barile accepts the Presidential Medal for Environmental Initiatives (1991)

We are continuing to build upon that great foundation established by our predecessors. We continue to engage the next generation of Lagoon scientists through hands-on field trips and classroom presentations, restoring living shorelines throughout the Lagoon, and distributing the most comprehensive health update to gauge restoration successes.

Needless to say, we are excited for what the next 30 years holds!

Make an anniversary gift today to help us continue our mission to protect and restore the Lagoon into the future. The momentum to protect this community centerpiece, the Indian River Lagoon, will not be slowed.

Won’t you join us?

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