Help Connect Our Youth to the Lagoon!
Help Connect Our Youth to the Lagoon!

Saving The Indian River Lagoon Starts Now!

Please View MRC's 2020 IRL Health Update Presentation
IRL Report Card Fundraising ThermometerThe Indian River Lagoon ecosystem has been in a state of decline for years. The IRL Health Update is the first step toward a comprehensive restoration effort for the failing estuary. The public will now have easy access to Florida State science and data concerning the Lagoon’s health. Please use this information to help guide future restoration efforts, policy, and leadership moving forward, to protect and improve the water quality of this estuary of national significance.

With an annual IRL Health Update, we can now hold ourselves accountable for the failure or success of the system. Get involved today—together we can bring the lagoon back to health!
This vital Lagoon Health Update is funded by the Galesi Family Foundation, the Save The Manatee Club, and mostly by small donations from the community at large. If you value this information, PLEASE donate toward next year’s report—every dollar helps! The goal is to raise over $100,000 to add fisheries data, more tributary data, and to expand outreach. We look forward to working with you to SAVE THE IRL!


Save the IRL logoMarine Resources Council: Science to Action

MRC’s mission is to improve water quality and to protect and restore the fish and wildlife resources of the Indian River Lagoon, coastal waters, inshore reefs, and the watershed by advocating and using sound science, education and the involvement of the public at large. Find out more.

Donate to Next IRL Health UpdateIRL Report Card

Is the Lagoon getting better? Thanks to donations from community members, MRC, in conjunction with our scientific partners, has conducted the first comprehensive, lagoon-wide ecological health assessment of the Indian River Lagoon. MRC’s IRL Report Card assembles the most accurate data of lagoon conditions to date. Read more.

MRC's Virtual ClassroomVirtual Learning Programs (3rd–6th Grades)

To accommodate online learning environments, Marine Resources Council is now offering FREE classroom lessons for grades 3–6 through our Virtual Learning program! We have adapted our classroom presentations into four individual programs, which provide opportunities for students to learn about the ecology of coastal estuaries including the Indian River Lagoon, pollution impacts, food chains, and mangrove restoration. Find out more.

Low-Impact DevelopmentLow-Impact Development

Marine Resources Council is building momentum and support for better stormwater management using proven Low-Impact Development techniques. With support from twenty partners, MRC has sent letters to over 120 local and state leaders. Find out more.

Be Floridian Now

Skip the Fertilizer to Protect the Waters That Make Florida Fun

The partners of the Be Floridian Now fertilizer education campaign remind residents of the Indian River Lagoon watershed that you can’t apply nitrogen or phosphorous to from June 1–September 30. Find out more.

Giving Tree DetailMangrove Giving Tree

Show your support of MRC’s Ted Moorhead Lagoon House Learning Center and honor your loved ones through the purchase of engraved leaves to be displayed on the Lagoon House “Mangrove Giving Tree” and our “Virtual Giving Tree.” Read more.


Marine Resources Council stands for the Indian River Lagoon and speaks from the position of sound science and innovation. Our voices have been heard in local councils as well as legislative halls. Join us and lend your voice to the lagoon. Read more.

Invest in the IRL

The Indian River Lagoon is an internationally renowned estuary that supports tremendous biodiversity as well as world-class recreational and commercial fisheries. Every year, the IRL brings $3.7 Billion to the regional economy, providing 15,000 jobs and recreational opportunities for 11 million people. Recent algal “superblooms” in the IRL have contributed to the loss of 47,000 acres of sea grasses as well as hundreds of manatees, dolphins, and pelicans. The ecosystem may be approaching a tipping point from which it may never recover. Worldwide news is covering the death of our estuary. The local economy is at risk as well as the quality of life for the residents who live and work on the IRL. Residents, businesses, and agencies are seeking solutions, things they can do to help restore the estuary.

marine_resources_council_logoClick here for simple things you can do every day to help restore the Indian River Lagoon.

Donate now and become a member of Marine Resources Council. Or consider a monthly sponsorship of $10.00–$100/month to sustain our Lunch & Learn webinars, water quality monitoring locations, or public education workshops.